Meditation & Relaxation

Our centre wishes to provide everyone who visits with an experience of relaxation, peace and higher self-awareness by means of the simple and pure approach that Maitreya has been teaching for 50 years.

"Peace is the most important thing in our life. Meditation not only provides you peace, but also lets you be in touch with your inner self. The purpose of life for human beings is not just to pursue one's "worldly" life but to realize one's true self. It is not a difficult task to achieve once we learn meditation."

"Relaxation is the total purification of mind and body. Our ego operates with fear and greed, ignorance and attachment, pride and anger. Living with one's ego, we accumulate tension and strain, which becomes mental and physical stress, which can cause discontentment, frustration, even illness. In deep relaxation, we eradicate them all, including the root cause, Ego, our false self-identification."

"Meditation - the way of the buddha that anyone can follow, the pure form of meditation that is just stillness, and being-ness, simple but complete. Because Buddha, the ultimate reality, is always present here - not a matter of attaining it, but being aware of it. Meditation is to just be, to be and know that I am."

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