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Review of Nature's Heart Concert, 2019

posted 4 Aug 2019, 10:59 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 4 Aug 2019, 10:59 ]

“We try to make it possible every year to go to Maitreya’s concert in the summer. It is such a haven of peace, tranquillity and beauty, and it always reconnects me with that haven in myself.

I specifically appreciate the little “imperfections” that our Western society would be quick to judge, but which are “little windows of light” to me. It is such a relief to make space for that and see the beauty of the whole picture, which includes everything and which is perfect in its imperfection.

Maitreya caught the spirit of this impression very well in one of his poems: The most beautiful thing – heart overflowing with love. The most enjoyable thing – mind full of peace. The most precious thing – time, this moment now.

I am very grateful that I could participate in a concert like this, where the love of music, the capacity of music to open your heart and to connect to the finer levels of existence was so prominent.

It was an example of Maitreya’s vision of the Pure Land, where these finer levels are lived and not crushed by big egos trying to be perfect (and thereby supporting the self-optimizing frenzy of our consumer culture that tries to turn us into perfect machines).”

- Jutta Kraemer, Cologne (Germany)