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New Civilisation

posted 13 Jan 2018, 12:26 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 13 Jan 2018, 12:27 ]

There are three revolutions in human history.

The first is the agricultural revolution that happened 8,000 years ago. It is through the discovery of agriculture which started human civilisation on earth.

The second is the industrial revolution that began 300 years ago. It is with the development of science and technology that has created a materialistic civilisation. It has brought economic prosperity and material wealth to the world but it has come with a huge price (or sacrifice), with devastation of nature, destruction of the environment and ecology and a crippling imbalance in society.

The civilisation that human beings have created so far has serious defects and produced discontentment, conflict, and suffering in the world.

The third is the holistic revolution that has recently started. It derives from spiritual awareness and understanding of the truth of LIFE, wonder and beauty of creation, miracle and sanctity of human being leading life in harmony with the universe and unity with all creation. Holistic civilisation evolves with the realisation of the Truth: Oneness.

Civilisation created so far is by the human mind of dualism and the world that is created so far is by the human being's egoism and neither has oneness in. The core, that is the pure reality of LIFE, the Truth.

Dualism is essentially illusion and it is only the concept of mind and not the reality. Ego self is also illusion as it is the product of human mind and not the reality Itself. What is not reality is illusion. Human being has believed in dualism and egoism and has created modern civilisation. We live in a world of illusion and hence it is full of problems, trouble, discontentment, conflict, suffering and war.

It is time to start new civilisation on earth and it is based on oneness, The Truth.

How do we start?

Every human being has original mind of purity that is in oneness with the universe thus our inner mind has pure wisdom and love. As we are aware of our inner Truth we realise our True Self.

Self realisation ends illusory self of egoism and illusory vision of dualism, the two causes of suffering of the world. Our True Self, human being of Oneness has universal wisdom and love.

'Know Thyself' has been the theme of life for human being for thousands of years but has not been realised by people. It is because people have been engulfed in materialism and also traditional teaching and religion have a fundamental flaw in them that is dualism that cannot provide Oneness.

Now the world needs new teaching. It is the direct way to The Truth. The Way of Oneness. It is the simple approach to the inner Truth. It is through practise of pure meditation of BE-ness. As we are BE, we are IT - The Truth. 'BE is LIFE. LIFE is The Truth'.

To know The Truth is to be truly human being. As people live life with their True Self the world begins to change. It would be the world of Oneness and there a new civilisation would emerge. The one who practises the Way of Oneness is a pioneer of a new civilisation and a citizen of the new world.

Maitreya, January 2018