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Nature’s Heart Concert

posted 29 Jul 2019, 13:30 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 29 Jul 2019, 13:30 ]
July 21st, 2019, Pure Land

At the three-hour concert I talked about:
1. Purpose of life: Realisation of Universal Self
2. The truth of the universe
3. New civilization on Earth

I sang my songs which have a spiritual message, I sang two South African songs in Zulu and in English with the prerecorded Drakondale Girls Choir.

At the first talk I explained the three stages of human evolution:
First, the ego self stage.
Second, human self stage.
Third, universal self stage, which is the new and higher purpose of human being. From ancient Greek times until now, “to know thyself” has been the purpose.

At the second talk I explained the truth of the universe, which is totally new and radical view of the universe. The universal oneness, that is the unity of the Absolute and the Relative, is life-force, the essence of the universe. Creation is the reverberation of the Absolute and the Relative.

The universe did not start from nothing as in the conventional view, but from the Absolute. That is incorrectly interpreted as nothing because Absolute has no relativity - no time, no space, no gravity, no matter, but is absolute totality, and so is at the same time all time, all space, all gravity, all matter. Thus the Absolute is the origin of the universe.

On new civilization I explained it is the civilization of oneness, so far the civilization that the human race has created is that of dualism.

All aspects of life now, economy, industry, commercialism, education, politics, etc. are operating in duality. That is essentially an illusion, hence modern life is chaos, confusion, conflict, trouble and war. You can never find peace or happiness in the world of illusion. Illusion is the essential ignorance of man, the cause of suffering.

It is the time to start a new civilization that is based on oneness, the true reality, the truth. Then conflict, trouble and suffering would naturally end and harmony, peace and happiness would be realised in this world.

It is all up to us human beings. If we realise oneness within and we are our true selves, ideal human life would follow and new civilization would emerge on Earth.