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Meeting at the Buddhist Temple at Achaler, India

posted 13 Jan 2020, 10:33 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 8 Feb 2020, 14:09 ]

At 7pm a large crowd awaited us. Many ladies with candles in their hands. As I got out of the car, people threw flowers on to me, the Indian gesture of being most welcome. I could not move, there were so many people surrounding me. They placed flowers at my feet and prostrated themselves. I touched my hand to their heads and blessed them. The candle procession started moving slowly toward the temple. Our car followed them, people threw flowers on to our car as they walked, chanting “Namo Buddha Dharma Sangha, Namo Buddha Dharma Sangha”. Along our village procession of 1 kilometre, through narrow village roads, people stood in front of their houses, looking at us.

At the temple I offered flowers to Buddha and recited “Om Peace” and chanted the Triple Gem, “Buddha Dharma Sangha”, in homage to the Triple Buddhas. After a welcoming talk by the organisers, I gave a talk on the essential points of Buddha Dharma, and the solution for the suffering of the world and the truth of Oneness, the answer. After the talk we practiced meditation, the way of direct experience of the truth. The audience of over 200 entered in silence and an air of peace filled the temple hall. It was truly satisfying to see they enjoyed meditation.

Later, Dr Amar Mar, a Buddhist scholar and good friend, said the audience were all very impressed by my talk and wanted to learn more about it, and they loved the experience of good meditation. Dr Mar is constructing a Buddhist shrine and meditation centre for my teaching on the hilly part of Achaler village, where it commands a 360-degree view. It will be named Pureland Achaler. This makes me very happy, having another centre coming into existence in India. It is my hope that it will be a spiritual hub, along with Pureland Adoli, not only for the local people, but all of India.

After 50 years of slow progress of my teaching in the UK, things begin to happen rapidly and on a large scale. I can see spiritual awareness and a new way of life is emerging now, and I believe New Civilization will begin to spread to the whole world. 

Maitreya, 07.01.2020