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Meditation and Talk at Pureland India

posted 19 Jan 2020, 14:12 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 8 Feb 2020, 14:07 ]

December 22nd 2019

I just came back from the third visit to India and I am very content, as everything went so well. The centre is growing fast and Dr Amar Mar, a good friend of Pankaj, is building another centre for me 350km away from the centre in Adoli.

They had organized several meetings for my visit. They were held at a Buddhist temple, village hall, and school. The venue at every meeting was filled with people. At the main event, meditation and talk at Pureland, over one thousand people attended, and all were so keen to listen to my talk and practice meditation, they seemed to really enjoy it. It was truly something to see one thousand people sitting perfectly still in peace. 

At the end of the meeting I sang two songs for them. One audience member said to me, “Your song is very spiritual, that makes me tears”. Another commented, “I love your song, you have a beautiful voice”. The meeting was concluded by Danaparamita serving food to the people as a blessing of Dharma.

The whole stay in India was altogether overwhelming and a great success. People are so open to learning a new approach to Dharma and the way of self-realisation. I can see they are dedicating their lives for spiritual fulfillment, and spiritual development is the direct way to change life in the world today.

My teaching, the way of oneness, is for self-realisation, which is the foundation of a new way of life. It is truly encouraging to see that it is happening in front of my eyes. My life is total commitment for a new civilization on Earth and I know only the truth of Oneness can do it.

Dr Mar said, “We are honoured that you’ve come from England to teach us, people nowadays are so confused and lost, your teaching is the beacon that shows us the right way. We believe in your teaching, the simple and direct approach to the truth that is so important for us all, it will be the foundation of the world to come. Your visit to India has opened a new direction for Buddha-Dharma - that is historic. We are truly grateful for your teaching.”

I cannot say thanks enough to Pankaj and Amar for organizing the events for me and the many Dharma friends who worked so hard preparing the visit that enabled me to introduce my teaching to India.

I can see spiritual awareness is growing very fast there. I feel the foothold of a new world is established in India.

On the way back to the UK in the airplane, I could not stop doing Gassho with deep gratitude and love to all people in India, and I did a long meditation, visualising the new world on Earth