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Maitreya writes about the Crystal Garden

posted 19 Oct 2017, 11:18 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 19 Oct 2017, 11:18 ]
    I saw the truth of the universe at the moment of enlightenment, that was the pure light and its manifestation. I found the universe was mighty energy and its crystallization that was a miracle, absolute wonder.
    I love crystal and was thinking to create a garden with crystal for some time, but I did not know how. One day, around ten years ago, an idea came to my mind, “I can make a mini universe in crystals”, and I plunged into the task.
    First, I built a large greenhouse-style building with a Japanese touch, using thick reclaimed pitch pine to house it. That took three years. Then I purchased tons of crystals of all sizes, kinds and colours.
    I designed the crystal garden with the idea of the natural world representing the universe. It consists of mountains and rivers, hills and forests, fields and oceans. I set each crystal one by one, tens of thousands of them, in a concrete foundation with mortar. This took me seven years.
    People often ask me, “where have you collected all these crystals?” I reply, “I didn’t collect them, but instead I bought them in bulk in one go at the wholesale place, they were delivered by truck.” If I collected them it would have taken three centuries!
    Now it is there, a “universe” made from crystals, sparkling and emanating dazzling beauty and healing energy. People are amazed by the sight, being struck with awe as they enter.
    I was so proud of my work that I applied to the Guinness book of records. Soon they replied saying, “It could not be listed in the book as there was nothing to compare it to.” I was disheartened a little, but realised it was an assurance by this authority that it might not be the number one, but it is the only one.
    I suspect nobody has made a crystal garden because no one has thought of creating the universe!