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Maitreya sang Asimbonanga

posted 29 Mar 2018, 14:34 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 4 Apr 2018, 09:53 ]

Maitreya sang the song Asimbonanga, a tribute to Nelson Mandela, with the Drakondale Girls Choir at the concert in Hilton, South Africa, on March 21st.

The hall was packed and all went well. The song was highly praised, and favoured with comments such as "beautiful and moving" and "moved me to tears". The choir girls later commented that they loved singing with Maitreya.

A musician who attended said to Maitreya, "You are the only Japanese, as far as I know, who has sung Asimbonanga, and also the oldest man to have sung it." She quickly tried to correct this by saying she meant "most mature" rather than "oldest", but Maitreya said, "I prefer 'old man', since I am still growing!"