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Essay - New Civilization

posted 24 Sep 2016, 11:39 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 24 Sep 2016, 11:39 ]
    All these people, what are they doing in the streets in towns all over the world? Rushing, chasing after what? The World is egoism and materialism, nothing is there, human activity is all vain. Human ego is an illusion, human life is illusion. So is the human world. Civilization, manmade on Earth, is false, an illusion.
    What is the reality, the truth? What is human being, what is life, why are we here? It is the time to know the truth, to find oneself, to find the meaning of life. The truth ends illusion in human egoism, materialism. The truth changes human race and the world, it starts a new civilization on Earth.
    The truth is the ultimate reality of the universe, the pure fact of all existance. It is the miracle of life and its wisdom that produces absolute wonder and beauty of creation. The truth is life that is, all things, all living beings as they are. The truth is that all is and that oneself is. The truth is it is and I am.
    To know the truth is to know oneself. Life and self are one. The universe and oneself are one. To know oneness is self realisation. The truth starts new life. Human activity is based on the pure reality, the truth. Life follows the way of oneness, harmony and beauty, peace and happiness. The truth is the foundation of a new civilization on Earth.