Photos from September 2019

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Photos from the Lantern Lit Evening and a panoramic view of the Crystal Garden:
(c) Kirsty Hannah

Christmas Meditation Day

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Please note, there will be no meditation meeting on Sunday 1st December.

This December, 
instead of a Meditation Meeting on the first Sunday of the month, we will be having a special Christmas Day meditation meeting.
  • £35.00 per person
  • 10:00-16:00, 25th December 2019
  • Includes lunch and tea.
  • A deposit (£10.00) is required to reserve your place - places are limited.
We look forward to seeing you!

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100 trees planted in Pureland India

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Maitreya's 79th birthday celebration in India

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Happy birthday Maitreya!

Review of Nature's Heart Concert, 2019

posted 4 Aug 2019, 10:59 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 4 Aug 2019, 10:59 ]

“We try to make it possible every year to go to Maitreya’s concert in the summer. It is such a haven of peace, tranquillity and beauty, and it always reconnects me with that haven in myself.

I specifically appreciate the little “imperfections” that our Western society would be quick to judge, but which are “little windows of light” to me. It is such a relief to make space for that and see the beauty of the whole picture, which includes everything and which is perfect in its imperfection.

Maitreya caught the spirit of this impression very well in one of his poems: The most beautiful thing – heart overflowing with love. The most enjoyable thing – mind full of peace. The most precious thing – time, this moment now.

I am very grateful that I could participate in a concert like this, where the love of music, the capacity of music to open your heart and to connect to the finer levels of existence was so prominent.

It was an example of Maitreya’s vision of the Pure Land, where these finer levels are lived and not crushed by big egos trying to be perfect (and thereby supporting the self-optimizing frenzy of our consumer culture that tries to turn us into perfect machines).”

- Jutta Kraemer, Cologne (Germany)

Nature’s Heart Concert

posted 29 Jul 2019, 13:30 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 29 Jul 2019, 13:30 ]

July 21st, 2019, Pure Land

At the three-hour concert I talked about:
1. Purpose of life: Realisation of Universal Self
2. The truth of the universe
3. New civilization on Earth

I sang my songs which have a spiritual message, I sang two South African songs in Zulu and in English with the prerecorded Drakondale Girls Choir.

At the first talk I explained the three stages of human evolution:
First, the ego self stage.
Second, human self stage.
Third, universal self stage, which is the new and higher purpose of human being. From ancient Greek times until now, “to know thyself” has been the purpose.

At the second talk I explained the truth of the universe, which is totally new and radical view of the universe. The universal oneness, that is the unity of the Absolute and the Relative, is life-force, the essence of the universe. Creation is the reverberation of the Absolute and the Relative.

The universe did not start from nothing as in the conventional view, but from the Absolute. That is incorrectly interpreted as nothing because Absolute has no relativity - no time, no space, no gravity, no matter, but is absolute totality, and so is at the same time all time, all space, all gravity, all matter. Thus the Absolute is the origin of the universe.

On new civilization I explained it is the civilization of oneness, so far the civilization that the human race has created is that of dualism.

All aspects of life now, economy, industry, commercialism, education, politics, etc. are operating in duality. That is essentially an illusion, hence modern life is chaos, confusion, conflict, trouble and war. You can never find peace or happiness in the world of illusion. Illusion is the essential ignorance of man, the cause of suffering.

It is the time to start a new civilization that is based on oneness, the true reality, the truth. Then conflict, trouble and suffering would naturally end and harmony, peace and happiness would be realised in this world.

It is all up to us human beings. If we realise oneness within and we are our true selves, ideal human life would follow and new civilization would emerge on Earth.


Nature's Heart Concert Programme - Sunday July 21st

posted 16 Jul 2019, 23:57 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 16 Jul 2019, 23:58 ]

3:00pm. Introduction to meditation
3:05pm. Song #1, “Beautiful Day”
3:10pm. Talk on Universal Self-Awareness
3:40pm. Song #2, “What You Love”
Song #3, “Praise”
Song #4, “Asimbonanga”
3:55pm. Poetry
4:05pm. Meditation
4:15pm. Intermission
4:50pm. Song #5, “The Most Beautiful Thing”
4:55pm. Talk on New Civilization on Earth
5:25pm. Song #6, “Serenity”
Song #7, “Siyahamba”
Song #8, “Loving is Living”
5:40pm. Poetry
5:50pm. Meditation
6:00pm. Close

School Party Visit to Pure Land

posted 8 Jul 2019, 04:43 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 8 Jul 2019, 04:46 ]

    One hundred and twenty school children have visited our centre on July 1st. They were aged five to ten, from Waddington All Saints Academy in Lincoln.
    I talked about the creation of the Japanese garden and the world’s first crystal garden.
    We practiced meditation, dividing them into two groups of sixty children each. It is simple meditation and they did it very well. They sat still in perfect silence, the only sound was the occasional bird singing in the air. I find young children are good at meditation as their mind is less cluttered and more pure.
    I mentioned it is important to practice it every day, not only to find peace, but to develop true self awareness.
    I explained the inner self of everyone is pure, free and happy, as it is in unity with the universe, the glorious creation.
    To find our true self has been the purpose of life (“know thyself”) since Ancient Greek times. The world for human beings is full of trouble and suffering simply because people do not know themselves, but only their ego-self.
    Ego is not our true self, but the false self-awareness and has essentially the nature of ignorance, fear, greed and anger. Life with it is discontent, suffering. Meditation brings us true self-awareness that would change our lives, make it better, more peaceful and harmonious, and so it would also do to the world. It is all up to each one of us to make it reality, and then our world will be a happier place for us all to live.
    Then I asked the children if they understand it, and instead of saying “yes” in a loud voice, they all silently nodded their heads up and down like the “Nodding Donkeys” in Texas.


Nature's Heart Concert 2019

posted 7 Jul 2019, 10:37 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 7 Jul 2019, 10:38 ]

Buddha Maitreya
  • Talks on the truth of the universe and of human being
  • Sings with the Drakonsdale girls' choir - the top girls' choir in the world (pre-recorded)
  • Guided meditation: the way of direct self-realisation

Sunday 21st July, from 3:00pm until 6:00pm
Pure Land Japanese Garden and Meditation Centre
Trent Lane, North Clifton, NG23 7AT

Buy tickets here - Nature's Heart Concert

Lantern Lit Evening recognised as an Official Event of the Japan-UK Season of Culture

posted 30 Jun 2019, 04:29 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 30 Jun 2019, 04:40 ]

We are proud that Pure Land's Lantern Lit Evening Garden is recognised as an Official Event of the Japan-UK Season of Culture 2019-20.

Pure Land Japanese Garden - lantern-lit evening garden
  • The lantern-lit evening garden honours an ancient and venerable Japanese tradition.
  • In Japan, toro (the traditional lanterns) were originally used only in Buddhist temples, where they lined and illuminated paths; lit lanterns were then considered an offering to Buddha.
  • During the Heian period (794-1185), however, they started being used also in Shinto shrines and private homes.
  • During the Azuchi-Momoyama period (1568–1600) stone lanterns were popularised by tea masters, who used them as a decoration in their gardens.
  • In the present day, the traditional Japanese lantern-lit evening garden is increasingly rare even within Japan, and Pure Land Japanese Garden is the only place in Europe where one may take part in this beautiful experience.

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