Feature in Lincolnshire Pride June 2017 issue

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Maitreya's garden and teachings featured in a three-page spread in the latest issue of Lincolnshire Pride!

Meditation concert

posted 15 Apr 2017, 11:12 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 15 Apr 2017, 11:12 ]

Maitreya will be giving an inspiring talk, singing soul-evoking songs, reciting haiku poetry and guiding the audience through meditation at the Nature's Heart concert, 3:00pm-5:00pm, on Sunday 30th July.

Adults £15.00
Concessions £12.00
Children £8.00
Price includes entry to the garden.

BBC Radio Nottingham, Sunday Breakfast

posted 6 Apr 2017, 05:48 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 6 Apr 2017, 05:51 ]

This morning, Maitreya was interviewed by Rosanna Pound-Woods from BBC Radio Nottingham, talking in the Japanese garden about the lovely cherry blossom in full bloom.

Please tune in for the broadcast this Sunday 9th April, the Breakfast Show at 8:15am, for stories of different faith.

Photo albums updated

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New garden feature - grand sculpture

posted 6 Apr 2017, 01:23 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 6 Apr 2017, 03:33 ]

Tonnes of rectangular rock were piled up to make a monolithic structure that is towering now in the Japanese garden. A friend of Maitreya, Graham, calls it Maitreya's Monolith

Performing the Japanese Tea Ceremony

posted 14 Feb 2017, 00:40 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 13 Mar 2017, 04:56 ]

Maitreya performs the Tea Ceremony at the Lincoln Japan Festival

From the Lincolnshire Echo:
    The British love of tea proved to be a uniting link with a country on the other side of the world at the start of Lincoln's week-long Japan Festival.
    The Japanese tea ceremony, held at The Collection, proved to be so popular that it sold out straight away and an extra session was added.
    Although tea drinking is an integral part of both British and Japanese cultures, the way it is done is poles apart. Native of Japan, Buddha Maitreya, who conducted the ceremony for visitors, explained its significance, saying: "The tea ceremony symbolises the essence and spirituality of Japanese art and it is very much like Japanese people.
    "Simplicity is the essence of Japanese culture and to appreciate something as simple as tea, and the bowl it is in, shows how we appreciate small things."

Maitreya's Drawing

posted 12 Feb 2017, 03:30 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 12 Feb 2017, 03:41 ]

Southern Drakensberg National Park, South Africa

Maitreya is planning on building a large, octagonal pagoda on the top of the hill, where you can surmount the whole Southern Drakensberg as well as experience the magnificent 360-degree panoramic view of the whole area. The pagoda will include a cafe and meditation centre. We will keep you updated of new developments!


I have found it - the most beautiful place on Earth

Sunday Meditation

posted 12 Feb 2017, 03:11 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 12 Feb 2017, 03:44 ]

The first Sunday of every month at Pure Land, from 10:30am until 4:00pm.
If you cannot attend, why not join us in spirit, and make your first Sunday of the month a day of peace, joy and universal love.

Spiritual Evolution, April 23rd

posted 22 Jan 2017, 12:38 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 14 Apr 2017, 02:28 ]

Maitreya will be giving a talk at Pureland, 3pm, April 23rd on the subject of Spiritual Evolution, as part of the Lincoln Faith Festival

Admission to the talk is free, included in the garden entry price.

New Civilisation

posted 3 Jan 2017, 00:05 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 3 Jan 2017, 00:05 ]

I love mankind and see the situation of the world. The cause of suffering is dualism that operates with human mind of egoism and materialism. Dualism is illusion, no Truth in it. Suffering is the product of human life without Truth. Civilisation of dualism never brings peace and happiness to mankind as it is proven in history.

It is time to abandon Dualism, it's culture and its teaching - illusion that the Truth 'God' is there, salvation, Nirvana is in heaven, enlightenment, self realisation is in the future. The Truth is not there, if you follow you lose it, you wait and you miss.

The Truth is here, the pure reality of LIFE. It is Oneness of the universe. The wonder and beauty of creations, divinity of all things and all beings, all shining around us and within us. Just awaken to the pure reality, miracle here and now that the universe is. Mystery 'I AM' That, a human being.

As I love mankind and this world I say, with my loudest voice, open your eyes and heart and see the Truth. The True beauty of every creation and sanctity of every living being and every human being.

As we realise the Truth of our Self and of the universe a new way of life and civilisation would emerge on this planet, the pure 'gem' in the cosmos 'Earth', our world.

It is the civilisation of Oneness.

Maitreya 1.1.17

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