Pureland India - Vesak Speech

posted 9 Jun 2019, 09:02 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 9 Jun 2019, 09:04 ]

To All my Dhamma’s Friends,

Today is a very auspicious day “ Vaishakh Full Moon Day ”and we are so fortunate to came together for celebrating this moments. This day have a great historical importance in Buddhist world, because of that, Master Gautama’s Birth, Enlightenment, and Mahaparinirvana took placed in this Pure Land. Master Gautama was a first teacher in history who taught the ultimate truth, profound a spiritual way to all of us to achieve our final goal Nirvana. Since last 2600 years this traditional teaching became a religious sect in India, and people follows all its instruction in a traditional manner.

As we all knows that, in November 2018, Master Maitreya visited to our place Adoli, to start His humanitarian mission “ Pure Land Meditation Centre and Japanese Garden.” We are very propitious that have a spiritual guidance of Master Maitreya and knowing more about His teaching which derived from the Truth “ Oneness ”, the direct way of self realization or to be Buddha. It is pure, emancipatory based on realization of ultimate Truth and benefited to all human being for their salvation. Maitreya’s teaching is so simple but very effective for anyone who wants to know the ultimate Truth of the Universe. He realized the Truth, by practice of simple meditation Buddha Janha, just  ‘ Sit and Be’ sitting is manifestation of the Truth, being is embodiment of Buddha.  By the way of  compassionate wisdom, Maitreya wanted to propagate this universal teaching to all, because He realized that the ‘ Truth ’ is wholeness of life and its manifestation universe, the pure reality of creation and everything and everyone, as all is one and the same ‘ Oneness’

So hereby I humbly requesting you, please join to our mission and shared your contribution for the propagation of Pure Land Teaching, hopefully this will be the true honour for our Master Maitreya and also for ‘ Pure Land Meditation centre and Japanese Garden.’


Pureland India - appeal for support

posted 18 May 2019, 13:22 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 18 May 2019, 13:22 ]

Pure Land India has started with great promise. For the development of the centre and Japanese Garden we require a great deal of funding. We would like to appeal to you for support and we would be extremely grateful for any support and contribution you can give to our project.

Love and Peace, Maitreya, 10.12.18

Pureland India - photos from the Vesak Meditation Programme

posted 18 May 2019, 12:33 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 18 May 2019, 12:35 ]

Pureland India - meditation programme

posted 17 May 2019, 10:22 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 17 May 2019, 10:22 ]

Pankaj Padghan in Pureland India will be holding a meditation program on 18th of May (full moon vesak). If you're in India and would like to attend, please contact Pankaj at:

Buddha Maitreya’s Pure Land Meditation Centre and Japanese Garden
Late.Loduji Demaji Padghan Premises
At-Post-Adoli,Tq-Dist- Washim
Maharashtra, India
Mobile No- +91-9209967456

Find out more on Vesak here -

Pureland India website -

Pure Land featured in a new documentary - "Pure Minds"

posted 2 May 2019, 07:23 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 2 May 2019, 07:23 ]

A fantastic new short documentary on mindfulness by Joseph Pettit, featuring Maitreya and the Pure Land garden.

Maitreya sings with the top girls' choir in the world

posted 7 Apr 2019, 00:29 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 18 May 2019, 12:18 ]

I have just returned from a weeks stay at the Drakondale Girls Choir School in South Africa. The school has recently moved in to new larger premises surrounded by a campus of extensive lawns and large mature trees. The day after I arrived the girls choir held a special performance for me with a mini concert conducted by the Principal. I was absolutely honoured and believe them to be the best girls choir in the world for their age (between 12 to 16 years). Their voices are refined and so pure and clear. After the concert they asked me to sing so I accepted with a song called Siyahamba (We Are Marching In The Light of God). When I finished the song the girls round of applause was like a storm. The founder of the school Wendy Clark’s husband Jon who is a fine musician and has won the best popular song in the world “The Long Walk Is Over” about Nelson Mandela has recorded my singing of Siyahamba with the girls which you can hear.

I am now working on designing a Japanese Garden for the new premises which had been approved by the Principal and staff. They are keen to start building as soon as possible and although I will not be visiting until November they will be able to start the basic structure of the garden. Following the design I can monitor the progress online. Wendy commented we do not want a ‘made in South Africa Japanese Garden but the real one’.

We have planned a big event which will be a meditation day as well as a weekend meditation course during my next visit in November.

Just before leaving the school the term finished and the girls and staff went home for a two and a half week break. The school became empty and quiet. Whilst all be myself there I wrote this poem.......

All girls gone home
Gently rolling grass campus
Nobody - so quiet
Morning sun hits trees - illuminates the leaves - verdant green
Air crisp and clear - cool fresh breath
Sun rays pass through canopy - flickering light amongst the branches
Pure silence
Bird voice penetrates space - reaching blue sky
All so quiet- still
Just Be


Pureland India - appeal for support

posted 25 Mar 2019, 12:59 by Buddha Maitreya

Pure Land India has started with great promise. For the development of the centre and Japanese Garden we require a great deal of funding. We would like to appeal to you for support and we would be extremely grateful for any support and contribution you can give to our project.

Love and Peace, Maitreya, 10.12.18

Click on the quotes below for the previous articles:

Maitreya, 16th November 2018

Maitreya, 2nd February 2019

The meditation centre and the grounds for the Japanese garden require a lot of work, including:
  • Digging a new well or expanding the existing well for fresh water
  • Furnishing the centre and air conditioning for the meditation room
  • Plants, trees and other materials for the garden
  • Administration and labour costs
It's estimated that the new centre will require approximately £200,000 to reach completion.

Pure Land India registered under the Bombay Public Trust act 1950, as a non-profit and charitable organization, according to Indian government law.

Pure Land meditation and Japanese Garden Centre,
Late.Loduji Demaji Padghan premises
Maharashtra, India.
+91 9209967456

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Pure Land Garden opens in less than one week!

posted 25 Mar 2019, 11:06 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 25 Mar 2019, 11:20 ]

Open from 30th March, 2019. To get yourself ready for your visit, why not look through some of our 2018 photos? We look forward to seeing you!

Five Days Meditation Programme in India

posted 10 Mar 2019, 14:34 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 10 Mar 2019, 14:39 ]

In February I returned to India for two weeks to teach meditation and found people to be very enthusiastic to listen to my teaching and practice meditation with me. The new approach to Buddha Dharma that would effectively fulfil Buddha’s ideal: emancipation or self realisation.*

I was welcomed by a huge number of people just like the first time two months ago. I was covered with flowers showered on to me by the people as I walked slowly on a carpeted path to the shrine serenaded by the sound of loud beating drums.

Pankaj who is the representative of Pure Land India had organised many programmes, talks and meditation meetings at neighbouring villages and schools and a five day meditation programme in the centre.

Wherever I went the place was always full, at one village we had to have our meeting outside the hall as it could not accommodate all who came. At schools all the children and teachers took part in my lectures and meditation sessions and at one school I was pleased to see that the children performed a traditional dance for me.

It was really astonishing to discover how keen was their interest in my teaching and how well they practiced meditation. It may be because of the spiritual nature of Indian people.

Many villagers invited me for breakfast or lunch during my stay. It was their gesture of upmost hospitality. Many of the houses were made out of clay and wood structures and have not changed over the years. The meal often consisted of spice seasoned rice, chapati, daal soup which are served up on the clay floor in front of us which we ate using our fingers. To finish we had a small cup of very sweet tea cooked with milk and spice. After the meal the honoured guest blesses the family with short chanting to Buddha and places a light touch on the their heads.

The Five day meditation programme started with talks from distinguished guests including the president of the local council, ministers, lawyers, physicists etc.

The huge colourful marquee was filled with several hundred people. The afternoon session started with my talk in which I explained why the main goal of Buddhism has not been achieved by the traditional approach and the difference between conventional teaching and my teaching.

After the Darshan break of snacks and tea we practiced meditation, the simple but effective way of self realisation.

The meditation I teach is designed for direct realisation of the Truth. It is based on the Truth and leads people to the Truth. It is from Oneness to Oneness or Buddha to Buddha.

Traditionally there are two schools in Buddhism, Hinayana and Mahayana. Hinayana means small vehicle that is monastic Buddhism and Mahayana means great vehicle that is for lay people in the world. Yana is a vehicle that carries people to Nirvana. After 2600 years of teaching neither school has succeeded to achieve the goal. The end of suffering (Nirvana). The reason being that both schools teaching consists of duality, which is essentially illusion and duality can not bring Oneness and illusion can not bring the Truth.

I had conducted the meditation session and I was really impressed to see the stillness of all of those people, hundreds sitting together in perfect silence. They were in a pure state of serenity. Most of them are ordinary country people but because of their innate spirituality they could achieve such a beautiful state of mind. To me all were Buddhas there and I feel that with the teaching I offer people can achieve self realisation quite easily. I feel ‘Buddhayana’ The way of Oneness will be the major school in Buddha Dharma.

On my last day before I was due to return to the UK a dozen ladies came to say farewell and as I did the final goodbye Gassho to them I saw tear in the eyes of several ladies and it made me realise how much my visit to the area was appreciated. Seeing the sincere gratitude in their eyes made me feel a deep sense of responsibility and commitment to deliver my creed which is self realisation for their sake, for all.

At the airport Pankaj offered me a garland and said ‘until the last breath of my life I will devote myself to Buddha Maitreya’ and tearfully prostrated to me three times amongst the bustle of the busy airport.


* Emancipation, end of suffering, Nirvana, enlightenment, self realisation are one and the same, it is realisation of Oneness.

Photos from September 2018, Lantern Lit Evening

posted 6 Feb 2019, 10:31 by Buddha Maitreya   [ updated 6 Feb 2019, 10:34 ]

All photography by Andrew James,

Start planning ahead to visit us one evening later this year!

A special night with a magical atmosphere of peace that is hardly possible to experience even in Japan these days!
Every weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) in August and September for the normal entrance fee.
7:00pm - 10:00pm


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